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Developing IEP goals is a stressful task for most educators who already struggle to find enough hours in the day. Although IEP goals are a mandated requirement for students with disabilities, the criteria for measuring them can be unclear with good training being typically hard to find. The IEP goal development process can be daunting and may cause some educators to look for shortcuts.

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Poorly written goals, which are non-specific to the child and unrealistic to measure, lead to poor data collection. This causes additional loss of time, frustration and little to no progress for students. Due to federal mandates, this problematic IEP structure can sometimes result in legal complications.

With proper training and an effective process, you can create valuable IEP goals that require less time to manage which causes less stress. Since these goals drive services, mastering the art of writing them effectively means you have the power to make a difference, for both students and parents.

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Our membership program caters to parents, educators, administrators, and advocates seeking assistance and resources in goal development.

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"How to Save Time and Develop Legally Compliant IEP Goals"

“How to Save Time and Develop Legally Compliant IEP Goals” is the overview webinar of the S.M.A.R.T.E.R Steps® system.  Learn this easy 7-step prompting system to gain a solid foundation on how to develop goals for optimal outcomes for children with IEPs. This webinar is for everyone: parents, advocates, school staff, administrators, college students, and university instructors.  This webinar is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. This is an example of our SMARTER series recorded webinars available through our membership program.

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