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Webinar 2 Specific: How to Target Specific Skill Sets and Behaviors in Goals


This 30-minute webinar reviews the federal mandate on requiring SPECIFIC skill sets and behaviors for IEP goals. The "S" is for Specific which is the first part of the SMARTER acronym. The SMARTER acronym assists teams with developing federally compliant IEP goals to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Developing "specific" skill sets is one area where IEP teams struggle. They may put too many skill sets inside one goal. Sometimes, teams target a skill set that is not appropriate (such as how a child will do on a test or achieving a certain grade in a class). This webinar will provide examples of what specific skills should be included in an IEP goal. A reflection page is provided for you to spend 30 minutes on summarizing how you will apply your knowledge to your practice.

A Reflection Summary page and Certificate of Attendance are included in the download.

Before getting started it is recommended that you watch the following webinar first: