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Tag: professional development

October 30, 2017
Focus Point 7: The Benefits of Social Media on Professional Development

Tune in to Focus Point Episode 7 while Kelly and Lara discuss the benefits that social media for professional growth. What benefits have you experienced using online forums? SUBSCRIBE TO VIEW OUR FREE WEBINAR "HOW TO SAVE TIME AND DEVELOP LEGALLY COMPLIANT IEP GOALS" “How to Save Time and Develop Legally Compliant IEP Goals” is […]

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October 27, 2017
Focus Point 6: Professional Development through CEUs

Kelly Ott and Lara Wakefield, from SMARTER Steps discuss the types of CEU opportunities, the pros and cons and traditional versus trending ways to receive continuing education units for professional development. What experiences have you had with CEU opportunities in your career? What are your preferred methods of receiving continuing education units? SUBSCRIBE TO VIEW […]

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July 18, 2017
Amazing Surprises on the CEU Cruise to Alaska

Amazing Surprises on the CEU Cruise to Alaska I remember listening to instructors complain about attending our state and national conventions. Their complaints included the lack of intermediate and advanced trainings as well as the impeding cost of the conference. I remember thinking that I hope I never get so old and set in my […]

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