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Tag: Smarter Steps

October 4, 2017
Focus Point 4: What Happened to Mentoring?

Kelly Ott and Lara Wakefield, from SMARTER Steps discuss a growing concern they have in the field of special education and related services: the lack of quality mentoring available to new practitioners. Kelly and Lara have noticed a trend with new special educators and related services providers. These new practitioners are expressing concern that they […]

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September 30, 2017
Focus Point 3: Neuroplasticity

Is neuroplasticity of the brain a pseudo-science?   If you look at the facts alone, neuroplasticity is well-documented in neuroscience research.  In the past, people thought the brain was in a form of stasis, not changing and rooted in its connections. When neuroplasticity was first proposed, it was not widely accepted. Neuroplasticity means the brain […]

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August 31, 2017
Focus Point: Meet Kelly Ott and Lara Wakefield

Meet Kelly Ott and Lara Wakefield, Co-owners of SMARTER Steps. We welcome you to Episode 1 of Focus Point. What's Focus Point? It's a place where 2 professionals from very different backgrounds and philosophies come together for a "Meeting of the Minds." We invite you to join in the discussion! Click on the link above […]

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